Upto 12% Returns ​On Your Investment You Should Not Miss!!


Get upto 12% returns on your money that you invest with us. We beat banks on returns which offer just about 1% or less as interest. Invest in our risk free “Property Deals” where we put our own money as well along with yours.

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​Our investor profile is one who would like to invest from £10,000 to upto £200,000. There is no upper limit, however we would like you to start small and build your confidence in us before you look to increase your investment.

The interest rate on offer ranges between 8% to 12% depending on amount of money you would like to invest.

What Do You Do With My Money?

We are professional property investors and have property deals we source every week. We simply invest your money in one of our deals for a minimum of one year and offer you interest. We pay you back the capital at the end of the year. You are free to extend the tenure of your investment at the end of the year if you wish to.

Once your money is invested in a deal, it will not be offered to any other private investor. Its exclusive to you.

There is simply no harm to register your interest and know more about this passive income investment opportunity.

About Us:

Property Bliss Ltd is a privately owned property investment company with a vision to provide affordable accommodation to young professionals and families in need. We excel in building property portfolios within North West region of England along with offering a lucrative investment opportunities to our investors.

Our current investments are stationed within and between Liverpool and Manchester including Wigan, St. Helens and are expanding towards south into Reading and London. With Buy to let, HMOs and Development of flats as main strategy we are happy to JV with potential partners or simply offer upto 12% returns on investments.

While we believe Job is a great way to start, however is not a sustainable way to live in the current world. Sharing the vast knowledge and experience we gained through our investment journey gives us joy. Feel free to get in touch if you are looking to invest in property. Our panel of mentors can coach you and help you build your portfolio in just few months. Subscribe to our blog or get in touch with us for mentorship today.

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